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30 Aug 2008

When in Sydney, Australia

(Contributed by D Wright – One of our ex-contributors) (30 Aug 2008)
Though not Australia’s official capital city, Sydney is the capital of Australia. The city is filled with many historic sights, a vibrant nightlife and features exciting attractions and restaurants. Whether you want to take a long stroll in one of the Sydney's many parks or you want to visit an art museum or two, you will always find something interesting to do during your stay.

17 Aug 2008

Bahrain National Museum

Opened: 15th December 1988.
Contains: The main building contains nine exhibition halls, classroom theatre, gift shop and cafeteria

11 Aug 2008

New York on Budget

You don't need big bucks to enjoy the Big Apple big time. Travel like a New Yorker on the subway. Eat like a New Yorker on the street. And see the city like a New Yorker by visiting public spaces, landmarks and famous places, many of which can be enjoyed for free. Here are some strategies.