We want to provide first hand information to fulfill human beings original desire of traveling hence extracts from our travel plans and travelogues for your use...

Authors/ Contributors - Required

We are looking for Authors/ Contributors who are interested in the travel related subject research or travel a lot and can contribute posts/ articles.

What to contribute:

Anything related to travel and when we say travel it is not limited to big cities or so called tourist place. Please feel free to contribute about those remote location which you have been or where you are. Literally any place on Earth (Yes let us leave Moon, Mars and other places in the universe out of this at present).
We also encourage you to write about people and culture of different places.
Tourist Traps - Again it is not that you write about good things, instead do write about those Tourist Traps also which pinched you so much.

What you will get:

We will allow you to include your adsense code in your post. For starter adsense is Google powered advertisement network where you get money if someone clicks on the advertisement. We can help you in setting up your adsense account.

What are conditions:

- The contribution should be in line with our site main vision that this site is for the travelers by the travelers i.e. you should be traveling or interested in it and the contribution should be based on your the research for your traveling.
- No copy paste allowed.
How much time I have to spend or can I leave if decide to do so:
- Time depend on you. You can contribute as much as you want.
- We certainly like to build long term relationshop however you do not have any obligations on that part. You can leave anytime you want. Similarly we can stop accepting your contribution when we choose to.
Where to contact:
Please contact us on our email address - domain(DOT)coordinator(AT)gmail(DOT)com