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28 Dec 2007

Village Tourism - Back to Basics

Have you ever been to village? Looks a silly question because most of you would have gone to village sometime or at least would have passed through one or may be you know someone from some village.

If you are thinking on these line and plan to say Yes then I think I have not made my question clear. I am asking whether you have gone to village, stayed there for some time and experienced that. So what happen did your answer turned to No now.
Do you want to do that? I know you are not sure But I think it is a great idea because this will at least serve two purposes - One you would come to know about village, life over there and understand your roots. Second this will provide a support to the people in village, you can pay some amount to the villager at whose house you can stay.
So this is idea about Village Tourism.
How did you find this?

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