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31 Jan 2008

Nice - Attractions Guide

List of most of the attractions in Nice with quick information:

FN01 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

Location: Promenade des Arts
Tel: (04) 93 62 61 62.

FN02 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Musée des Beaux-Arts

Details: The castle was built 2000m above the valley floor and its centre piece became the lavish Sängersaal (Minstrel's Hall) where Ludwig could indulge in his obsession with Wagner and medieval knights. Rather madly, for all the money spent on it, when it was finished in 1886 the first sky scrapers in America were being built.
Location: 33 avenue des Baumettes
Tel: (04) 92 15 28 28.

FN03 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Musée Matisse

Details: Works on show by the one time Nice resident include his Blue Nude IV and Woman with Amphora. Nearby, Matisse devotees can also visit his grave in the grounds of the Monastère de Cimiez.
Location: 164 avenue des Arènes de Cimiez
Tel: (04) 93 81 08 08.

FN04 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Orthodox Cathedral

Details: Nice’s Russian orthodox cathedral, dedicated to St Nicholas, is hard to miss with its distinctive half dozen gleaming onion domes. Its 17th-century appearance belies the fact that it was built at the start of the 20th century.
Location: 17 boulevard du Tzarewich
Tel: (04) 93 96 88 02.

FN05 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Parc du Château

Details: This lofty park rises above the city centre and offers a cool and shady place to relax on a hot summer day. The views of Nice and the Mediterranean are worth the effort of climbing up to the spot where the Greeks first set up shop when they colonised the area.

FN06 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Promenade des Anglais

Details: This waterfront boulevard still retains a faded charm, backed up with grand fin-de-siecle hotels on one flank and the Mediterranean on the other. Those who crave sand between their toes may want to avoid the pebbled expanse of frazzled bodies on the ‘beach’. Alternatively, join the rollerbladers posing on the promenade above.

FN07 City: Nice
Name of Attraction: Vieux Nice

Details: This atmospheric old web of streets is overlooked by many day trippers heading straight for the Promenade des Anglais, a travesty as this is a great place for wandering around exploring the churches, cafes and old shops.

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