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27 Sept 2008

A few days in Perth

(Contributed by D Wright - One of the ex-contributer of our site ) (27 Sep 2008)
Even though the city of Perth isn't as well known as other cities in Australia, the city has many sights and activities for tourists to participate in. Bordered by the Indian Ocean, you can spend your day visiting one of the city's many stunning beaches, rent a charter boat and go deep sea fishing or you can stroll along the boardwalks and visit some of the many shops and restaurants.

Visitors to Perth will find friendly people, fine dining and casual restaurants, and many opportunities to learn more about the city and those who inhabit while visiting museums and historical attractions.
Museums in Perth
In Perth you will find a variety of museums including The Western Australia Museum, The Western Australian Cricket Association Museum, The Army Museum of Western Australia, The Art Gallery of Western Australia, and The Francis Burt Law Museum.
Most of these museums are located in Perth's Cultural Center, which can be found near an area of the city known as Northbridge. Here, you will also find small art galleries, restaurants and cafes, open air sculpture and other unique sights.
Parks and Gardens
In addition to visiting museums, you can also spend time at Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens. This park is located near Perth Cultural Center and overlooks the city and Swan River. Enjoy a long walk through this lush wonderland that's filled with more than 80 species of plants as well as sculptures, artwork and me memorials. Free music concerts are held during the summer months.
Other parks and gardens to visit include:
Harold Boas Gardens (Wellington and Havelock Streets, West Perth)
The Esplanade Reserve (located near the Perth Convention Center)
Langley Park (Riverside Drive between Victoria Avenue and Plain Street)
Wellington Square (Wellington Street)
The Perth Zoo is another attraction that tourists and residents of the city visit often. Not only will you be able to enjoy the Zoo’s natural setting, you will also be able to see animals and other creatures native to Australia up close. See kangaroos, dingoes, wallabies and other animals in their natural habitat.
Important & Historic Sights
A trip to Perth would not be complete without seeing a few historic sights. Even though the city has become more modern over the years, it has still managed to hold on to its roots. Buildings to visit include:
The Old Mill – historic landmark located near the Swan River was built in 1835.
Barracks Arch – Located on the corner of Malcolm and Elder Streets. This building is all that's left of the former Enrolled Pensioner Guards barracks.
London Court - Located between the Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace. This area is filled with small architectural details such as engraved clocks, weather vanes and stairways.
Perth Mint – Located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth. Take a guided tour to learn more about how the city prints its money.
With so many interesting sights to see in Perth, those who visit will be left with a lifetime of memories.

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