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30 Nov 2002


In the Arabian Sea, west off the coast of Kerala, lie the islands of Lakshadweep, the best Coral Islands. Out of the total 36 islands comprising the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and covering a land area of 32 Sq. Km., only 10 are inhabited. These are Andrott, Amini, Agatti, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy. Five of the islands - Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy, Cheriyam and Thinnakara are open to Indian tourists only. Bangaram and Kadmat islands are open to both Indian and foreign tourists.


Area : 32.4 Sq. Km. Altitude : Sea Level.
Temperature : Summer: Max: 35 Deg.C. Min: 22 Deg.C.
Winter: Max: 32 Deg.C.Min: 20 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 1,600 Mm. ( Mid May to mid September. During the monsoons, the islands are
closed to tourists.)
Prohibition : In force on all the islands except Bangaram.


Air : Alliance Air connects Agatti in Lakshadweep with Kochi. From Agatti airport,
passengers are transported by speed boat to Bangaram island. Other islands are
connected to Agatti by helicopter service.
Fare: Mumbai-Kochi: Rs. 5990/- ; Kochi - Agatti : Rs. 3875/-
Rail : Kochi is the nearest railhead to Lakshadweep. The journey time taken to reach the
Lakshadweep Islands by ship from Kochi is between 12-16 hrs.
Fare: Mumbai-Kochi: IInd A/c: Rs.2051/-; IInd class : Rs.473/-
Sea : Regular package tours by ship are organised for Indian tourists from Kochi, by
SPORTS. These packages are organised only during season, i.e. from October to May.


Entry to Lakshadweep is restricted except as under :-
1) Bonafide Indian tourists who avail themselves of the package tours being conducted by the Society for Promotion of Recreational Tourism and Sports in Lakshadweep (SPORTS) from Kochi, are exempted from this restriction. In view of the limited capacity of these islands, only a restricted number of tourists are taken in each tour.
2) Bonafide foreign tourists are permitted to visit Bangaram and Kadmat islands only. Bangaram island resort is being run by a private hotel group, tourists (both Foreign/Indian) desirous of visiting Bangaram Island may obtain necessary permits/booking/transport, etc through Casino Hotel, Wellington Island, Kochi - 682009. Tel: (0484) 668421. Fax: 668001. E-mail: casino@vsnl.com


The warm, clear deep water with its myriad marine flora and fauna in this uninhabited island, are an irresistible invitation to scuba divers. The exquisite coral formations, including black coral, large variety of coral fish, the angel, clown, butterfly, surgeon sweetlip, snappers, groupers etc. and the other fauna such as the harmless sharks, manta rays, sting rays, moray eels, turtles, make diving here an addictive experience. The best mode of transport to visit the Bangaram island is by air from Kochi to Agatti and thereafter by speed boat or helicopter to the island. The island resort is run by the Casino Group of Hotels who make arrangements for transfer of tourists from Agatti to the resort.
Accom: *Bangaram Island Resort, c/o Casino Hotel, Kochi, Tel: 668421. (Sgl Rs. 6820-12000/- , Dbl Rs. 7130-14000/- , Dlx Huts 4 people- Rs.19500-24000/-).
Boat Transfer :Agatti-Bangaram-Agatti : Rs. 350/- per person one way.
Helicopter Fare:Agatti-Bangaram-Agatti : Rs. 3500/- per person one way. (Subject to Change).
Agatti Island Beach Resort, M'bai Cont. Tel: 2054231. (Non A/c Cottage Sgl Rs.2000-7000/-, Dbl Rs.3000-7000/-, A/c Cottage Sgl Rs.2500-9000/-, Dbl Rs.4000-9000/-).


A fine lagoon of even depth and an endless shorelilne perfect for swimming, makes Kadmat a haven of solitude. It covers an area of 3.1 Sq.Km. The island is 8 km. long and 550 metres wide. Water sport facilities are available and a Water Sports Institute as well as a Scuba Diving Centre have been set up here. Accommodation:
SPORTS Beach Resort-Kadmat (Heritage), Tel: 04896-62255, 74203. Fax: 62356. Tariff: A/c. Sgl. Rs. 2625/-, Dbl. Rs. 4200/- & Non. A/c. Sgl. Rs. 2100/-, Dbl. Rs. 3150/-.


Kalpeni has three uninhabited, satellite islands, Cheriyam, Tilakam and Pitti, all surrounded by an immense lagoon of spectacular beauty. Koomel, the gently curving bay where all the tourist facilities are located, directly overlooks Tilakam and Pitti. This lagoon is particularly rich in coral life and a trip by glass-bottomed boat reveals the splendour of the underwater world of flower-like coral and irridescent fish. Water Sport crafts such as kayaks, sailing boats, pedal boats, sailing yachts are also available.
Accommodation : Tourist Cottages.


The administrative capital, Kavaratti is the most developed of the islands, with the highest percentage of non-islanders as residents. Kavaratti has a beautiful lagoon, ideal for water sports and swimming. Water sport crafts such as sails, yachts, kayaks, etc. are available on hire. Kavaratti also has an aquarium with several colourful species of fish. Glass bottom boats available for cruises, a floating restaurant built as a traditional country craft and an array of remarkable coral formations providing a background to the lagoons, are some of the attractions on this island. Fifty two mosques are spread out over the island, the most beautiful being the Ujra mosque.
Accommodation : SPORTS Beach Resort-Kavaratti (Heritage), Tel: 04896-62255. Fax: 62356. Tariff : A/c. Sgl. Rs. 2625/-, Dbl. Rs. 4200/- & Non. A/c. Sgl. Rs. 2100/-, Dbl. Rs. 3150/-.


Minicoy is the southern most island in Lakshadweep. It covers an area of 4.4 Sq. Km. This cresent shaped island with one of the largest lagoons in Lakshadweep and has a cluster of nine systematically arranged villages known as 'Athiris'. This island is one of the important centres for tuna fishing, boat building and for local handicrafts. There is a Light House built by the British approximately a 100 yrs. ago. Water sport crafts such as pedal boats, kayaks, sailing yachts, etc. are also available on hire.
Accom:Tourist Cottages.


Coral Reef (Covers Minicoy, Kavaratti and Kalpeni Islands)

A five day cruise by the ship M.V. Tipu Sultan, with the days being spent on the islands of Minicoy, Kavaratti and Kalpeni and night-stay on board the ship. Facilities for Swimming, Snorkelling and water sports available during the day tour.
Tariff : (Valid from 1st October 2002 to 9th May 2003)
Deluxe 2 Berth Rs.12075/- ; First Class Rs.10500/- ; Tourist Class Rs.7350/-.
Children (3-10 yrs.) Rs.8138/-First Class; Rs.4988/- Tourist Class.
Student groups of 15 and above are allowed at a concessional rate of Rs. 5100/- per head in the Tourist Class .
Departure Dates from Kochi :
October 2002 : 6th, 12th, 24th, 30th February 2003 : 4th , 14th
November 2002 :
5th, 13th, 19th, 25th March 2003 : 1st , 7th , 13th , 19th
December 2002 : 1st , 14th , 20th , 28th April 2003
7th , 13th , 19th , 27th
January 2003 : 3rd , 9th, 15th, 21st, 29th May 2003
3rd , 9th

Taratashi ( Covers Kavaratti Island ).

The total duration of the tour is 6 days, with 2 days and 3 nights stay on the Kavaratti Island. Facilities for swimming, Snorkelling, Water Sports , Lagoon Cruise in a glass-bottomed boat and other water sports are available.
Total Package Tariff: (Valid from 1st October, 2002 to 9th May, 2002)
Non. A/c. First Class : Rs. 12075/-.
Departure Dates from Kochi :
October 2002 : 5th, 17th, 23rd
November 2002 :
5th, 13th, 23rd , 26th
December 2002 : 4th , 7th , 18th , 28th , 31st
January 2003 : 3rd , 4th, 30th
February 2003 : 4th , 20th
March 2003 : 3rd , 13th , 20th , 31st
April 2002: 2nd, 15th

Kadmat Island Resort Package (Covers Kadmat Island )

The total duration of the tour is 6 days with 3 nights stay on the island, in tourist cottages. Sailing from Kochi on 1st day and reaching Kadmat on 2nd day. On return, sailing from Kadmat on 5th day and reaching Kochi on 6th day morning. Facilities for Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing and Para Sailing are available at extra cost. A fullfledged water sports institute is functional at Kadmat.
Tariff: (Valid from October 2002 to May 2003)
Transportation: Deluxe: Rs.6000/-; Executive & First Class Rs.5000/-; Tourist Class (Return) Rs.3500/-.
Accommodation: (Sgl A/c Rs.2625/-, Non A/c Rs.2100/-, Dbl A/c Rs.4200/- , Non A/c Rs.3150/-)
Departure Dates from Kochi :
October 2002 : 5th, 17th, 23rd
November 2002 :5th, 13th, 23rd , 26th
December 2002 : 4th , 7th , 18th , 28th , 31st
January 2003 : 3rd , 4th, 30th
February 2003 : 4th , 20th
March 2003 : 3rd , 13th , 20th , 31st
April 2003: 2nd , 15thMay 2003: 5th

Coconut Grove (Kalpeni Island)

The total duration of the tour is 6 days, with 4 days stay on Kalpeni Island in tourist cottages. Facilities for swimming, Snorkelling and Water Sports available.
Departure Dates & Tour Charges:
19th October, 2002 Rs.6300/-
17th March, 2003 Rs.9450/-
7th April, 2003 Rs.9450/-

Swaying Palm (Minicoy Island)

The total duration of the tour is 6 days, with 3 nights stay in exclusive A/c cottages and other individual cottages built on the beach front.
Accom: Minicoy Island Resort (Sgl A/c Rs.2625/-, Non A/c Rs.2100/-, Dbl A/c Rs.4200/-, Non A/c Rs.3150/-)
Transportation: (Dlx Rs.6000/-, Exec. & First Class Rs.5000/-, Tourist Class (Return) Rs.3500/-)
Departure Dates from Kochi :
October 2002 : 16th, 29th
November 2002 :
6th, 19th, 30th
December 2002 : 8th , 14th , 27th
January 2003 : 8th, 20th
February 2003 : 3rd , 13th
March 2003 : 7th , 24th
April 2003:7th , 23rd
May 2003 : 2nd , 7th
Dive Package for beginners: (Scuba diving package at Kadmat)
Domestic tourists: Rs.24000/- for 8 days. M'bai Cont. for Scuba Diving: Laccadives, Everest Bldg.,Tardeo,Tel:4627381. Fax:4951644. Website:www.lacadives.com.


1. The ships leave Kochi at around 1200 hrs. Tourists are advised to reach Kochi one day ahead of departure date for collecting tour tickets and completing other formalities. Boarding takes place two hours before the scheduled departure time.
2. Ship programme is subject to change due to unforeseen reasons. Allow one day in Kochi while making onward and return journey arrangements for any eventuality.
3. The total package tariff (subject to revision) includes transportation charges by ship, embarkation and disembarkation charges, food, accommodation, sightseeing and lagoon cruising wherever applicable.
4. Children between the age of 2 & 10 accompanying their parents will be charged the full transport charge and 50% of the tour charge.
5. Tours are booked subject to availability of seats on receipt of 50% of the total package charge as advance by cash in office or DD in favour of SPORTS SOCIETY and balance to be remitted 30 days before date of departure.
6. Details of tourists such as Name / Sex / Age and food prefrence (veg or non-veg) are to be furnished while booking seats.
7. Group travellers are allowed concessions as follows :- (a) In a group of 16 pax, one will be allowed to travel free. (b) In a group of 11 pax travelling from 1st Feb. to 15th April, one will be allowed to travel free.
8. Cancellations : (a) 15 days before the scheduled departure of the ship - 25% of the total package charge. (b) Between 7 days and 14 days of the scheduled departure of the ship - 50% of the total package charge. (c) Less than 7 days of the scheduled departure of the ship - no refund.
Important : Lakshadweep has India's only coral islands and beautiful formations can be seen all over the lagoons. It is, however strictly illegal to pick up even one piece as a souvenir and anyone doing so would be punished with heavy fines.


The Assistant General Manager (SPORTS), Lakshadweep Office, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island, Kochi - 682003. Tel: (0484) 668387. Fax: 668647.
Lakshadweep Travelinks, Passport Studio Annexe, Jer Mahal, 1st floor, Opp. Metro Cinema, Dhobi Talaoi, Mumbai - 400002. Tel: 2054231. Telefax : 2005973.
Hotel Booking agencies as listed are not approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India


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