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12 Jul 2003

Bahrain - Fort Riffa, Tree of Life, First Oil Well of Bahrain and Gulf, Riffa Golf Club

This was our first trip in Bahrain. All of our batch came to Bahrain in First half of 2003. We all hired a cab (Ashraf’s) and went around. It was hot part of year in Bahrain but in our enthusiasm we never felt that. It was very nice time together. Though with my last 7 years of Bahrain knowledge, I could have edited this this extract with lot of more information however I kept it as was written that time – time when I was not knowing anything about Bahrain. 
1. Fort Riffa
It's does not look like a Fort by the standard of Indian Forts. It's resemble more of local village Chieftain's house of olden time. It's having mud wall around it and inside it is two storey house that too of mud. It is situated on an elevated place so we can get little fresh wind. There is small museum also but the same we could not see as it was closed because of Saturday. Even fort remains closed on Saturday Full day and on Sunday it's closed in Afternoon. However Riffa town around fort is old one . On other side new Riffa town is there which is residence all Sheikhs and is probably most green patch for residential colonies in Bahrain.
2. Tree of Life
It is a tree which standing alone in complete desert with no natural vegetation around. It's braving the harsh conditions of desert with out any human support i.e. there is no water source around and it's still mystery how this tree is satisfying it's need of water. Cool breeze was there and we had some snacks and did some tree climbing exercise.
3. First Oil Well of Bahrain and Gulf
Many of us had big hopes here feeling that there will be big oil well and plant where we will be able to see the process of oil extraction. Alas it was contrast and there was no well. There was one pipe going in ground looking more like bore well. But good part was that despite so many years oil was still being extracted (that what we assumed as some noise of flowing liquid through pipe was coming. There was one old type thermometer which was interesting to see. The digging start at this place on and Oil was struck on First flow of oil was . There was small museum near there but same was closed for maintenance.
4. Riffa Golf Club
This was nice part of the tour - total greenery in complete desert. We walked around and wished that we can come here every day. There was impromptu brain storming with people coming out with ideas like let us get employed here part time for collecting balls or driving golf cart or even cutting grass kind so that at least we will be able to be here every day.
5. Vrindavan Restaurant
This was again good part - everyone was ordering simultaneously and the waiter was confused. Ultimately there were dosas, dosas++, idli, pavi bhaji to thali.

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