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26 Jul 2003

Bahrain – Al Areen National Park, Al Zazayir Beach, King Faisal Causeway

This was our second trip in Bahrain. Similar to our first trip all of our batch was there. Again Ashraf took us around in his cab. Again I am keeping this extract as it was written at that time in 2003 to keep that naiveté' intact.

1. Al Areen National Park

There were not big hopes with park as information gathered was that there are only deer and ostrich in that. Anyway we went there. There were different animals and birds most of them common one which we all have already seen like tortoise (there were quite big for sure), Camel, Indian Porcupine, Donkey, Ostrich of many varieties. Birds, Goat of 3-4 varieties, Swan and other ducks around Adm Block then the bus took us around park where there were different deer from nearly all African countries, Middle east and South Asia. As also many varieties of Ostriches with some other birds and animals. Other Details: Phone #          . Timing 7 AM to 5 PM (on other day). Friday - Half day. Admission Fee: BD 1. Last movie presentation is at 03:45 PM and last bus in park leave at 05:15 PM.  

2. Zallaq Beach (Al Zazayiar Beach)

Beach was good. Some of us jumped in the sea but the pleasure was short lived as we have to push for Causeway as Sun was approaching for end of his journey and we have to catch up Sun set view at causeway.               

3.King Faisal Causeway (Saudi Causeway)

We reached causeway on time. It started with a road in sea when everyone started asking is this the causeway but once in we found long road with bridges in between leading to a center island which was having flag of Bahrain and Saudi on two big towers. That was last point we can go and then came immigration counters. To go to the top of the tower we need to purchase tickets as this is typically a restaurant. We went up and view was fantastic. While coming back we went to restaurant  and to our amusement we found that ticket money is deducted from the bill so you get back your money. That was the end of the trip and we have to come back home.

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