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7 Jul 2006


Suggestions from Vyithri Resort.
Onsite activities:

  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Spa -Chargable
  3. Ayurveda – Rs 600/- onwards
  4. Health Club
  5. Small library
  6. Internet - charged
  7. STD/ISD - charged
  8. Outdoor games
    1. Basket ball
    2. Volleyball
    3. Cricket
    4. Badminton
  9. Indoor Games
    1. Pool table
    2. Table tennis
    3. Caroms
    4. Chess
    5. TV Room with VCD player
Suggested Offsite activities - At an extra cost.
1. Stream Trekking
A fine day can be started with a refreshing trekking along the beautiful stream in the resort. At the end of the trekking you even can have a bath in the natural pool.
Duration: 1.5- 2 hours. (Inside the property)
2. Forest Trekking
This is suggested in the evening. Preferably for the youngsters and the middle aged. Enjoy the nature while you trek through the forest and the tea plantation. In the end you can enjoy the sunset as well.
Duration: 2 Hours (Inside the property)
3. Pookot Lake
3 Kms from the resort, Pookot is a natural fresh water lake bound by the forest and hills.
4. Edakkal Caves
These caves are located closer to the Karnataka border. The carvings in these caves have been acknowledged as the work of the earliest human races.
Distance- 53Kms
5. View point
Wayanad is situated 700- 2100 m above the MSL. From the viewpoint you can enjoy the green ghat enrooted to Calicut. Distance- 10Km
6. Thusharagiri
There are four waterfalls here. As the name suggests, land and water have struck an extra-ordinary kinship here. This is also a trekking spot.
One can reach Thusharagiri after a slow drive through the ghat session. This would be an interesting offsite tour, which we can develop.
Best season- September to January. Distance- 40 Kms
7. Soojipara waterfalls
It is a thundering three-tiered waterfall. These falls capture nature at her best. This place is also famous for rock climbing. Best season is from September till January. Distance-38 Kms
8. Chemra Peak
This has the distinction of being the highest point in Wayanad at an altitude of 2100 m.
There is a very plain area once you reach on top. We can organize a day’s program for those who would love to have a day’s program outside. This could be a day’s activity combined with a long trekking. Not suitable during the monsoon.
Distance-27 Kms
9. Padinjarathara Earth Dam

Spread over 300acres, this is the second largest of its kind in the country. It is just 30 Kms from Vythiri. We can promote this place during the months of September till January. Excellent place for fishing with country fishing rods. Distance- 30 Kms
10. Kuruva Dweep.

These are little islets in the river Kabini. This is an ideal picnic spot. Distance- 70 Kms
11. Thirunelly Temple
Popularly known as the Benares of South India. Distance-80 Kms
12. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary Distance-70Kms
100 Kms from Vythiri. Several spicies of animals like elephants, bison, spotted deer, tiger, leopard etc are found in this area. Best season to visit is Dec to May.
13. Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary
This sanctuary is very rich in flora and fauna. Distance-55Kms

Other wildlife sanctuaries are

Nagarhole - 70 Kms
Bandipur - 75 Kms
Mudumalai - 100 Kms
Incase of any assistance, please find free to contact them for further details
Best regards
Roy Chacko
Manager – Sales and Marketing

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