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3 Feb 2008

Salzburg - Attractions Guide

List of most of the attractions in Salzburg with quick information:

AS01 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: Festival Halls

Details: Guided tours are given (once daily in winter, twice in June and September and thrice in July and August) of the splendid and world-famous Festival Halls, where all main ballet, opera and musical concerts during the Salzburg Festival are performed.
Location: Hofstallgasse 1
Tel: (0662) 849 097.

AS02 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: Getreidegasse

Details: The Getreidegasse is the most famous shopping street in Salzburg, and it is famous not only for the excellent range of shops on offer, but also for the layout of the street and the peculiar and elegant interconnected houses, passageways and courtyards along the way.

AS03 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: Mozart’s Birthplace

Details: The Hagenauer House is where Mozart’s family lived on the third floor from 1747 to 1773. The musical genius was born here in 1756. Today the house is a museum with exhibits such as Mozart’s childhood violin and several of his other instruments. There is also a museum at the Mozart family’s residence (tel: (0662) 8742 2740, website: www.mozarteum.at) from 1773 to 1780 at Makartplatz 8.
Location: Getreidegasse 9
Tel: (0662) 844 313.

AS04 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: Salzburg’s Cathedral

Details: This is the city’s ecclesiastical centre and the most significant piece of early Baroque architecture in the whole of Europe north of the Alps. Among the precious objects it contains is the baptismal font in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised.
Location: Domplatz
Tel: (0662) 804 7450.

AS05 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: St Peter’s Abbey and Monastery

Details: St Peter’s Abbey and Monastery, S t Peter Bezirk, is the oldest continuously active monastery on German soil, founded by the Frankish missionary Rubert after he arrived in Salzburg around 700. There are catacombs, probably of early Christian origin, in the area.
Location: Postfach 113
Tel: (0662) 844 576.

AS06 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: The Hohensalzburg Fortress

Details: Overlooking and guarding the city from high above, this is the largest fully-preserved fortress in Central Europe and Salzburg’s chief landmark with a history going back to 1077. It can be accessed by using the Funicular Railway (Festungsbahn) (tel: (0662) 4480 9750) up the hill side from Festungsgasse 4.
Tel: (0662) 8424 3011 or 846 181.

AS07 City: Salzburg
Name of Attraction: The Residenz

Details: The former official apartments of the Salzburg prince archbishops is an extensive and impressive complex of buildings, which contains the Residenz Gallery (tel: (0662) 840 451-0, website: www.residenzgalerie.at), an excellent art gallery with masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens and Brueghel, to name but a few.
Location: Residenzplatz
Tel: (0662) 8042 2690/2761.

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