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15 Feb 2008

Venice Accommodation-Our Experience

In Venice we stayed at B & B Residenza Degli Angeli. It is essentially an apartment of 3 rooms. 1 with private bathroom and the other 2 share the bathroom on the floor !!! All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and satellite TV. Furniture is in Venetian style. Really beautifully decorated. This B&B is located 5 minutes walking from the infamous Rialto Bridge and 20 minutes from St. Mark's Square.

There is no point in taking address because you cannot reach it unless it is shown to you. You need to take Water bus (Vaperatto # 1) from Railway station to S. Silvestro where owner Mario will arrange pick up and show you not only place as also explain you the path so that you can reach their later.

Best part was Breakfast. Really nice breakfast with sooo soft croissants but that is available only after 8 AM as Mario has to drop his girls to school. Though on last day when we wanted to leave early and he was kind enough to give us some packed breakfast in night itself.

Mario Fiorentini
Hotel Alex
S.Polo 2606
30125 - Venise
Tel & Fax # 0039 041 5231341
Mobile number: (0039) 349 342 1148 (to contact for pick up)

Our Booking details for idea about cost etc:
We confirm with pleasure the reservation at RESIDENZA DEGLI ANGELI from Tuesday the 22nd of May for 2 nights a nice double room with private bathroom, where we will put a cot free of charge, at the daily rate of 130 Euro including breakfast and all taxes.


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